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Eeyore Quotes Thanks for Noticing

Winnie The Pooh

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Things He Dislikes: Being bounced, swimming, and broken thistles.

That’s all right”, Eeyore said as he sat down. “Nobody ever does

Lives: 100 Aker Wood Southeast, Eeyores Gloomy Place.

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Eeyore, as seen in Disney productions


Eeyore Quotes Winnie The Pooh

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Eeyore is my favorite character from Winnie the Pooh, and many people

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My Thoughtful Spot: E is e.

Eeyore Thanks For Noticing

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Eeyore Thanks For Noticing

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Biggest Problem: His tail keeps coming off.

Eeyore Quotes | feeling very self-conscious about not having my tail

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Eeyore Quotes Winnie The Pooh

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