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Looking at the Same Moon Quote

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The Woman Caught in Adultery

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Kitchen & Dining

GOD bless America and you.

Infinite brush goat mounts Wine Festival

moon you will know that ill be there under the same night sky as you

One World, unity of religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Taosim

look at the moon at the same time, we both can be together in the same

At the base of the fronds are cells containing piezoelectric crystals

Asia Finest Discussion Forum > Hottest anime guys

Space♥: Showbizness is not looking good from my point of view

John Young, as chief of the Astronaut Office - collectSPACE: Messages

205 TITLE: Etymologiarum sive Originum libri XX DATE: Seventh century

Psalm 22(Taken from the translation--- Todays New International

ve got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go. ~ Timothy Leary #quote